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In Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, 10 Discovery brands reach 141 million cumulative subscribers in 105 countries with programming customised in 19 languages. (usually subtitled) Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Latvian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish. The network is home to 18 different feeds.

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Kasia Kieli is President and Managing Director for Discovery Networks Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa (CEEMEA) and as strategic management responsibility of Discovery’s operations in the region, which became a standalone business in July 2010 and today encompasses 105 countries across three continents. In each of these markets, Discovery broadcasts up to nine channels from a list that includes Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Science, Discovery HD Showcase and TLC.

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CEE-Russia Business Group

The problem we solve

+ Executives understand their company’s internal environment very well or at the least have some control over it.

+ But what about your external environment – market developments, the competition and best practice?

+ How do you manage the expectations of HQ if you cannot prove to them how your competition or the rest of the market are doing? 

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+ Is your budget in line with what the rest of your industry is planning?

+ Why are sales increasing or decreasing? Is it the general market? Or has the new sales initiative borne fruit?

+ How are your competition, your industry, or other industries dealing with issues in collecting receivables, investment in e-commerce, finding out what level of salary increases to give, or what country to expand to next?

The benefits of joining our Group

+ You receive the tools to better manage your local organization

+ You receive the tools to better manage your HQ

+ You receive the analysis that will help anticipate the market environment

1. Benchmark and connect 

+ We hold over 20 private executive meetings across European every year, discussing the business environment, special business topics (HR, logistics, e-commerce), current market    trends and best practice

+ The meetings give the opportunity to tackle business issues with our experts and to meet other senior executives in the network

2. We analyse markets and global trends

+ You are provided with a regular series of business papers, quarterly country reports on CEE, and monthly business reports on Russia 

+ We additionally provide global analysis on the big topics such as Brexit, the future of jobs under automation and regional updates to CEE and Russia/CIS

3. We consult

+ In-house presentations on the markets and best practice for your staff and visiting senior management

+ Conference calls on trends in the market and the business environment

+ Speeches at company events, public events or private meetings 

Solid recovery in Central and Eastern Europe is helping to “pull up” neighbours in the South-East of the region, and the cluster of nine countries across central and south eastern Europe is making the most of a weak euro and lower oil prices, according to two reports commissioned by TMF Group and released today.

Meanwhile the CEEMEA Business Group found that South East Europe (SEE), which has been lagging behind in the recovery stakes, might now be worth a fresh look for those corporate executives under pressure to find growth globally. Find out more on SEE >

Join the conversation: @TMFGroup #CEEbizrisks

Find out more about TMF Group in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Central and Eastern Europe:

The EIU report finds economic growth will be increasingly driven by SMEs in the region, which will continue to outpace the euro zone and wider EU. SMEs are benefiting from investment incentive schemes, improved funding opportunities and tax exemptions.

Yet, businesses operating in the region continue to face major challenges. The report highlights areas such as excessive bureaucracy and sector-specific taxation. Red tape in public sector procurement remains an issue in several countries. Despite low corporate taxes, taxation systems remain in need of reform. The risk of arbitrary legislation, such as sector-specific taxes, is a problem.

South East Europe:

South East Europe (SEE), which has been lagging behind in the recovery stakes, might now be worth a fresh look for those corporate executives under pressure to find growth globally, according to the CEEMEA Business Group in research commissioned by TMF Group.

Companies that are expanding their business in the SEE region look to benefit from the generally stable economic growth, as well as corporate tax levels that are lower than in majority of Western European countries. SEE countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia) are home to around 20 million people in total, and international business is looking at these locations for new growth potential.

Companies are expecting these markets to grow, putting Bulgaria and Serbia on the top 10 countries by expected organic growth in 2015.

While SEE continues to offer growth opportunities, there are also risks for businesses. Potential investors and international companies have to be well prepared to deal with the risks and get support of the local experts that have vast experience of dealing with the rapidly-changing legislative and regulative environment. Risks also remain from any slowdown/deflation in the Eurozone and any worsening of the crisis in Russia and Ukraine.

Find out more about TMF Group in BulgariaCroatiaCzech RepublicHungaryPolandRomaniaSerbiaSlovakia and Slovenia.

DT-Global Business Consulting is a consultancy company offering advice and information on global business and emerging markets with a focus on the CEE-Europe and Russia-CIS region. Among other services, DT-Global Consulting offers membership in private corporate Groups and comprises the largest network of senior executives of multinational companies operating in CEE and the Russia/CIS region.

Currently we work with 5,000 executives in over 350 global and regional companies including many of the Fortune-500. We help members make better plans and strategic decisions; gather regularly in key business hubs to network, benchmark and build strong business relationships that last: some of our Group member clients have been with us for 20-30 years!

Dr. Daniel Thorniley is the President and Founder of DT-Global Business Consulting and one former UK Prime Minister has called him: „The world’s leading expert on emerging markets.“ He is invited by clients across the world as a regular speaker on global business trends, business operations, emerging markets and corporate best practice.

Dr. Daniel Thorniley

Danny works with his clients on business strategy in global and emerging markets. For over two decades Danny was Senior Vice President at The Economist Group, specializing in global corporate business trends with a focus on the EMEA region, Russia and CEE. Prior to his role, Danny worked at the United Nations on East-West Affairs. He holds a degree from the University of Oxford and a doctorate on Russian-Economic history.

Ronnie Wein, MSc
Vice President

Ronnie joined DT-Global Business Consulting in 2017. Ronnie holds degrees in Business and Finance. He has spent several years working for KPMG and Mondi, where for his last position he was on assignment in the US. Ronnie has lived in the UK,  Germany and Austria.

Andrea Stark
Client Relations Manager

Andrea has been with the CEE-Russia Business Group since its launch and has worked with Danny for 25 years. She heads our client relations and is the key point of contact for all customer inquiries. In her free time she practices yoga, reads books and various newspapers, and enjoys strolling around Vienna, especially in the Christmas markets.

Speeches, presentations, chairing, facilitation

Danny has 30 years of public speaking and has delivered close to 1,000 presentations and has facilitated many corporate events and chaired over 600 open events and conferences. He makes 55-65 presentations each year and some clients have booked him for 10-15-20 years in a row! He is able to deliver complex business and economic analysis in a straight-forward and comprehensible style. And he has an excellent sense of humour and can usually has most audience laughing t serious things! Danny has decades of experience delivering dinner speeches  as well.

What Danny says in his speeches

“The key to business success in emerging markets is trust, relationships, partnership and friendship”. When Danny mentioned this to the Chairman of one of the world’s largest consumer product companies, the comment was that “This applies to all markets, developed ones as well”

Danny also enjoys quoting Albert Einstein in his speeches. The great scientist once said, “There are only two things which are infinite: first, the universe, and second human stupidity”. Einstein went on to say, “But I’m not sure about the first”. Sadly we have seen so much human stupidity in the global financial and business world in recent years which in 2008 brought us close to global financial collapse; the after-effects are still with us.

In Danny’s keynote global presentation he analyses why the global business environment remains tough and challenging for the majority of his client companies and what they are doing to adapt to the multiple new normal. His presentations are filled with mini-case studies from real world corporate experiences and he outlines what corporate Best Practice should be in relation to clients/customers, distributors and partners and internal human resources. Danny has years of experience of expelling the challenges of global and emerging markets to CEOs and at Board level.

He is well able to explain what the key global economic drivers are which affect and influence the corporate world and can assess big-picture strategic issues. Equally though Danny is very comfortable in talking and discussing the “micro” operational issues facing companies: sales, profits, marketing, route to market, consumer segmentation, changes in consumer behaviour etc.

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